Wetland Preserve LLC

Custom River Excursions

Trips can be as short as you desire up to a maximum of 6 hours on the water.

Sunrise/sunset and night excursions are also available. if you’ve never been on the water at night, you’ve really missed something!

Areas of service range from the south end of Lake George north to Green Cove Springs.  Crescent Lake, the Ocklawaha upriver to the Kirpatric dam and Rodman reservoir can also be explored. 

Do know that as we will be in a open boat weather conditions are something we are very attentive to, both for safety and comfort. If conditions do not look favorable for a pleasurable day on the water we will not waste your money or time by taking you.

Transportation of whichever  boat ramp we will be using, some of which have limited parking and can be challenging to find can be arranged if you would like.

Pricing is based on two adults. While we are coast guard certified for four passengers we would prefer not to have more than two adults at a time. 

Our minimum fee is $300 for the first 4 hours on the water. Each additional hour will be billed at $60 per hour.


You’ll see the beautiful St. Johns River from a Action Craft 1890 powered by a California/EU Emissions Compliant 150 HP Mercury 4-stroke engine. There is a 80 pound thrust 24 volt Minn Kota trolling motor on the bow and a push pole laying about for those times when the grass is thick or we need to be absolutely silent. With this setup the grass beds, the creeks, the springs are all the areas that have the greatest concentration of life are accessible. 

The rig is quiet and stable, rides dry in a chop and is Coast Guard inspected. Needless to say your captain is licensed and insured.

Keep in mind though that this is a OPEN boat, one configured for getting into shallow water and up narrow creeks. There’s no hiding from the elements, but then we’re going OUTSIDE, so be prepared. 

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